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What is Gold Vermeil?

Our Gold Vermeil (ver-may) jewelry is made by layering a thick coating of 18K gold over a base of pure 925 sterling silver. The 18K gold coating must be 2.5 microns thick in order to be considered Vermeil. This ensures that your fine jewelry shines for many years to come.

How is Gold Vermeil different from gold-plated jewelry?

Gold Vermeil (ver-may) jewelry has a thicker layer (2.5 microns) of gold than gold-plated jewelry, which typically has a layer of gold that is around .25 - .5 microns thick and wears off quickly. The thick layer of pure 18K Gold in Gold Vermeil allows the piece to last much longer (many, many years with proper care). Gold vermeil is also made with a base metal of pure 925 sterling silver, while gold-plated jewelry can be made with a variety of base metals like brass or stainless steel.


Do you offer a guarantee for your jewelry?

Aura Celestia proudly offers a one year warranty on ALL pieces. If you have any issues with your jewels, you let us know and we will make it RIGHT. Guaranteed.

Just email us at with your order number and we will be sure to assist you!


How do I take care of my Gold Vermeil pieces?

  1. Keep it dry: Water and moisture can damage the gold vermeil plating on your jewelry. While water alone isn't the problem, the chemicals that are usually WITH the water tends to cause issues, so it is best to avoid. Avoid wearing your jewelry while swimming, showering, or doing any other activity that might expose it to water.
  2. Avoid contact with chemicals: Perfumes, lotions, and hairsprays can all damage the gold vermeil plating on your jewelry. Apply these products before putting on your jewelry to avoid contact with the plating.
  3. Store it properly: Keep your gold vermeil jewelry in a dry, cool place when you're not wearing it. Store it in a jewelry box or pouch to prevent it from getting scratched or damaged.
  4. Clean it gently: Use a soft, non-abrasive cloth to gently clean your gold vermeil jewelry. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners, as they can damage the plating.
  5. Take it off when sleeping or exercising: Avoid wearing your jewelry while sleeping or exercising, as sweat and movement can cause damage to the gold vermeil plating.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your gold vermeil jewelry stays beautiful and shiny for years to come.

Can my Gold Vermeil Pieces get wet?

Because this is solid silver plated with solid gold, WATER by itself isn't necessarily the issue. The issue is that in places with water (such as the shower & pools) there are usually chemicals (soaps, fragrances, chlorine, etc) that can impact the quality of your jewelry. If you shower with your pieces every now and then, it is fine, but it is BEST practice to avoid this. If you do, make sure to dry off completely with a soft cloth when you are finished.


Do you collaborate with influencers?

Aura Celestia is always looking for influencers to collaborate with that match our brand's vibe & values!

For inquiries and possible collaborations, please email πŸ’—